Every night is the same in the enchanted, but perilous ‘Forest of Dreams’, where Ole Lokoje (the Sandman) must ferry sleeping children through the realms of the unconscious toward the moon and deliver them safely to ‘Morning’.

However, the next child listed in the dream books, five year old Michael, presents Ole Lokoje with his greatest challenge yet and as the world around them begins to fracture, Ole Lokoje discovers that Michael’s fate is tied inexorably to his own.

The Sandman’s Toil

Sandman delivers a rich immersive experience in a world brought to life on the Oculus Rift. The game features randomised characters, enemies and pickups as well as permadeath, so making choices in the constantly changing game environment, becomes a matter of life or death.

The overall goal is simple. Travel, sailing your vessel down the river, and deliver Michael safely to ‘Morning’. In order to achieve this the player must first navigate the twists and turns of the ever-changing, often turbulent waters. Secondly, they must keep young Michael asleep, and awake inside the dream world, by collecting fireflies and grinding them into the fine dust of dream's sand. As the journey deepens and the underlying significance of this mystery comes to light, the player must always maintain his vigil, and protect Michael from the myriad dangers inhabiting the forests.

The game features three increasingly difficult levels: The Forest of Dreams, The Cave of Nightmares, The Marshes of the Moon. Each environment presenting new challenges to the travellers, from mermaids seeking to kidnap the sleeper, swarming bats and malevolent spirits, to ravenous beasts that stalk them from the shadows.

The Team

Albert Bentall

Creator & Developer

Albert is a super hero, able to morph into complex mechanical objects at will. Often found standing in for vital elevator mechanisms, and broken garlic press components.

Chris Hees


A full time film & media producer, with the uncanny ability to spot trends, hundreds of years in advance. Retrospectively, Chris has backed development of The Wheel, the modern 26 lettered alphabet, and breathing.

Melissa Iqbal


Melissa is smiling in this photo. Why? Many spectators have opined that beyond the ocular lens, an angel has suddenly materialised, shattering the notion that god is simply the product of an anachronistic system of belief, and flooring the critics of religion. Who knows.

James Alexander Davies

Concept Artist

Concept artist and shadow-lurker, James can be found tracing unknown footpaths along barricaded sections of the River Thames, searching for a lost entrance into Hades, it's location revealled to him through detailed messages discovered in his dreams.

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Sandman for Oculus Rift